BAD MOON RISING - creepy electronic cover version of the CCR hit

Ominous. Eerie. Shadowy. With a vibey take on the Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Bad Moon Rising,” no:carrier makes its new single and accompanying video disquieting and unforgettable.

From the November 2016 album Broken Rainbow, “Bad Moon Rising” takes the always-haunting voice of Liza Marie Sparks and the critically-acclaimed soundscapes of Chris Wirsig and completely transforms the classic rock staple. Said Wirsig, “I’ve always liked the original as a brooding, ambiguous folk ditty warning of bad times. I felt that it could be made into an even darker, creepier song – reminiscent of our times – warning of the fate mankind faces if we don’t change our ways.”

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Broken Rainbow


The 13 Crystal Skulls


Ghosts / West Coast


Wisdom & Failure


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